Beginner's Wipe Clean Division Ages 5-7

Beginner's Wipe Clean Division Ages 5-7 - Anilas UK

Anilas UK


  • Beginner's Wipe Clean Division Book is ideal for children aged 5-7 years.
  • Contains 6 pages (12 sides).
  • The Beginner's Maths Wipe-Clean Workbooks provide children with an entertaining way to practise important maths skills. 
  • This Division Wipe-Clean Workbook will help children build confidence while mastering basic division facts, beginning with smaller numbers and building to larger numbers. 
  • Answers can be written in most good quality crayon, felt-tip pen or washable marker pen. The answers can be easily erased with a clean dry cloth or tissue, so that each page can be practised again and again. 
  • Dimensions are 295 x 210mm
  • RRP is £2.99