Baby's First Colouring Books & Colour-in-The-line Colouring Books Set of 4

Baby's First Colouring Books & Colour-in-The-line Colouring Books Set of 4 - Anilas UK

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  • Children's Colouring books with fun vibrant coloured pictures to colour. This set of 4 books are 4 different themed books, all with vibrantly coloured covers to help engage the child.
  • Baby's first colour-in-the-line books both have 12 pictures to colour. These books help your little one create the perfect work of art. The thick, coated lines around the images make it easy to colour inside the line, helping develop fine motor skills. These books contain 12 pages with 12 pictures to colour in. 
  • Baby's first Colouring books both have 31 pictures to colour. These books are designed to help children as young as 1, develop early pen control. Each picture is partly brightly coloured with white areas left for baby to learn to colour in. The picture text includes colour prompts and matching colour key as an aid to help baby match crayons. This makes baby's first attempts at colouring to be more satisfying and fun! These books contain 32 pages with 31 pictures to colour in.
  • Useful sized colouring books are perfect for traveling and fun at home.
  • Ideal for children aged 1-3 for keeping them entertained for hours.
  • Dimensions of each book is 210 x 210mm

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Philip Spencer
Great Service and Product

I ordered the Baby’s First colouring book set of four. The delivery was very quick and tracked accurately throughout. The price of the items was excellent compared to high-street shops. The quality is very good and they are now firm favourites of our little granddaughter. I strongly recommend this vendor.